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Geospatial Corporation's New Website Features Latest Version of GIS Platform Designed Around Google Maps API

C-leveled, LLC Retained as Strategic Marketing Partner to Spur Growth

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwired - June 10, 2014) - Geospatial Corporation (GSPH) proudly launches its new website at to reflect its latest offerings of accurate infrastructure mapping, GIS data collection and management. Also available from our new site is a link to GeoUnderground, Geospatial's proprietary, cloud-based 3-D mobile mapping platform.

Mark A. Smith, Geospatial's CEO, stated, "How we serve leading industries such as oil and gas, electrical distribution, telecom, and government at all levels by delivering the highest quality of mission critical services to them is exemplified within our new website." As a way to demonstrate the offerings at the website, prospective clients can link to a free trial of GeoUnderground, our Cloud-Based GIS Platform.

C-leveled, LLC, headquartered in Pittsburgh, was retained as Geospatial's strategic marketing partner to assist in planning and execution of go-to market strategies, and the full suite of design and advertising services.

About Geospatial Corporation

Geospatial Corporation utilizes integrated technologies to determine the accurate location and position of underground pipelines, conduits and other underground infrastructure data allowing Geospatial to create accurate (3D) three-dimensional digital maps and models of underground infrastructure. Our website is The Company manages this critical infrastructure data on its Cloud-Based GIS Portal called GeoUnderground, our proprietary GIS platform custom designed around the Google Maps API and Google Maps Engine. (

GeoUnderground is the company's powerful Cloud-Based (GIS) geographic information system database that enables users to view and utilize this 3D pipeline mapping information securely from any desktop or mobile device. GeoUnderground seamlessly integrates with Geospatial's technologies gathering underground, underwater or aboveground geo-referenced digital information of all types of infrastructure.

Licensed users, for the first time, have available to them a suite of technologies allowing them to collect data and create highly accurate 3D maps and models of both above-ground and below-ground infrastructure and view and share this invaluable information in a secure manner with their peers and associates anywhere in the world through a conventional browser via the Cloud.

Geospatial provides integrated data acquisition technologies that accurately locate and map underground and above ground infrastructure assets such as pipelines and surface features via its GeoUnderground Cloud-Based Portal.

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