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Smart Probe Technology Identifies Electrical and Telecom Conduit 3D Locations Along With Accurate Bending Radius Prior to Cable Installation

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – December 4th, 2018– Geospatial Corporation (OTCQB Symbol “GSPH”)

announced that the Company is providing engineers and utilities in the New York metropolitan area with accurate maps of buried pipelines and conduits under busy streets and deep waterways. These maps allow the engineers installing new cables to more accurately calculate the geometry and bending radius along multiple runs of buried pipelines and conduits regardless of the material of the line. The acquired data is critical to allow the engineers to calculate the pulling force necessary to install new cables without damaging the cable.

Geospatial Corporation’s team of data collection specialists has completed multiple projects in New York City. An example of some of our completed NYC projects are (a) the mapping of 24,000 feet of electrical cable in Queens; (b) the mapping of a communication conduit crossing the East River and (c) the mapping of an electrical conduit under the Harlem River.

“Geospatial has performed numerous conduit and pipeline mapping projects for major power distribution, telecom and energy companies throughout the US. Our accurate locational data saves our clients from making costly mistakes during installation”, said Mark Smith, Founder and CEO of Geospatial Corporation. “New fiber and exotic cables with higher capacity are being installed to meet future power and data requirements for Smart Cities and IOT. The data that we supply our clients with is necessary for accurate and safe installations. Accurate mapping is a tiny fraction of the total project cost. GeoUnderground allows users to accurately record and manage the location and depth of buried infrastructure. New York City represents a substantial market for Geospatial. Accurate maps of the global underground infrastructure are critical to building today’s Smart Cities. Underground data is critical to effectively bring our aging infrastructure to modern standards.”

About Geospatial Corporation
Geospatial Corporation utilizes integrated technologies to determine the accurate location and position of underground pipelines, conduits and other underground infrastructure data allowing Geospatial to create accurate three-dimensional (3D) digital maps and models of underground infrastructure. The Company manages this critical infrastructure data on its cloud-based portal called GeoUnderground, our proprietary platform custom designed around the Google Maps technology. Geospatial Corporation is a Google Cloud Partner. Our website is

About GeoUnderground
GeoUnderground, designed around the Google Maps platform, is Geospatial’s cloud-based management platform that provides clients with a cost effective solution for their underground and aboveground asset management needs. Geospatial is a Google Cloud – Technology Partner. Please feel free to download a free trial from this website -

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