Geospatial: Provides Infrastructure Mapping To Markets Around the World



    From small towns to major cities, Geospatial can accurately map underground utilities of various depths and materials to determine the exact location and depth of all water lines, sewer lines, electrical & telecom conduits within your municipality, university, airport, school system or health organization. We can provide you with GeoUnderground on a small monthly subscription payment. If there is an interest, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss Geospatial’s new Infrastructure Data Leasing Model®.

    Geospatial is developing “boots on the ground” across the United States to provide our data acquisition and data management services to utility companies, engineering firms, and local, state and federal agencies across the country.

    Geospatial has been approached by government agencies, national energy companies, water companies and domestic companies with international interests to discuss the implementation of infrastructure mapping and management projects in countries around the globe.

Oil & Gas

Geospatial's solution provides innovate technologies to accurately map Oil & Gas underground infrastructure including Oil & Gas transmission, gathering, distribution and production facilities. Geospatial's project managers are specialists and technological advancements in data acquisition are specialists in current regulations and developments in both the Oil & Gas industries including natural gas shale plays, green energy initiatives, and technical advancements. In addition to x,y,z underground pipeline mapping, Geospatial locates all crossing lines, valves fittings and other prominent features; we provide geo-referenced video of all above ground features; and we integrate all acquired GIS data with existing AutoCAD drawings of wells and compressor stations. 

Municipal Water and Wastewater

Our nation's Water and Wastewater underground infrastructure requires rehabilitation estimated to amount to more than $1.6 trillion dollars. Investing in water and sewer pipeline mapping and assessment enables municipal governments and pipeline operators to manage their costs and mitigate adverse impacts, while ensuring safe water and sanitary systems. Geospatial's unique ability to create accurate 3-D, as-built drawings, in combination with non-revenue water assessment and GIS data management services, provides the basis for cost-effective and progressive municipal program implementation.

Electrical Distribution

Geospatial provides GIS services and accurate x,y,z mapping for the installation and maintenance of conduits and cables for electric transmission and distribution companies. Our capabilities ensure precise conduit installation and location accuracy through engineering and computer design, innovative technology concepts, consulting services and construction solutions. As a valuable asset to the utility industry, we provide detailed bending radius and joint integrity data, which is critical for the safe installation of sophisticated high-voltage electrical distribution conduits. Geospatial's accurate and complete spatial knowledge of electrical conduits enables our clients to utilize our solutions to make confident management decisions. 

Telecom and Fiber Optics

Geospatial delivers the highest quality telecommunication and fiber optic conduit location, data acquisition and mapping services available. Geospatial's unique suite of technology and services were developed to map, analyze, and manage conduits as small as 1" in diameter located in vast underground networks. Geospatial allows telecommunication and fiber optic conduit owners to take preemptive action to protect these valuable assets. Our proprietary technology enables accurate integration of information to manage processes for telecom network planning and operations, data management and other problem solving needs. Whether installing new communication conduits, or establishing the location of existing lines related to construction activities, our technology provides detailed information to streamline planning and management issues while mitigating the risks of striking and damaging telecommunication conduits.

Federal Government

Geospatial offers a total solution for restricted-access data acquisition, as well as, the implementation of on-site data management platforms. Geospatial has extensive experience with government facilities and federal contracts. Our services include critical underground infrastructure mapping, surveying, and secure data management initialization projects. Our knowledge and experience allows us the unique ability to gather critical mapping data while keeping the information completely secure. 


Geospatial is uniquely positioned to provide its suite of total solution packages and services on a global basis. Geospatial has extensive experience in the united states and our technologies have created substantial interest in our infrastructure management services abroad.

Public/Private Partnerships

Geospatial Corporation has combined innovative technologies, data management and a new Public/Private Partnership "PPP" business model to provide an economical long-term solution to the problem of budget shortfalls and capital improvement requirements while providing a program to improve efficiencies and service levels in the management of the world's critical underground infrastructure. Geospatial with its complete array of underground mapping technologies and its GeoUnderground infrastructure data management system is uniquely positioned to aggregate this data, providing the client with information as to exactly where their underground infrastructure is and where it is not. This information provides tremendous value to the client as they seek to make the best management decisions regarding the maintenance and expansion of their underground assets. 

Under our "PPP" model, Geospatial will team with a strong financial partner or partners to map all utilities within a municipality or facility and provide that data to various clients under a long term Data Subscription Model. This approach to facilities management offers risk reduction, compliance with the initial stages of CSO programs, broad efficiencies, and a long-term revenue stream back to the municipal, state, or Federal agency. It offers value to all stages of the utility life cycle, by making detailed subsurface 3-D information on all pipelines and conduits available in a secure web-based GIS format to utilities, engineers, contractors and planners.