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Geospatial Maps at Night to Solve Driller's HDD Problems

A sanitary main sewer line was struck and damaged during a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) project due to inaccurate and incomplete spatial data of existing underground infrastructure. Geospatial was called to correctly map the underground infrastructure due to their reputation for accuracy and their ability to map at night.

Market Served: Sanitary Main Line

Application: Night-time mapping

Product: Geospatial’s Smart Probe® and GeoUnderground® 3-D Mapping Application

The Challenge

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) has become an effective and pervasive method of installing pipelines and conduit, due to its promise to minimally disturb the environment. Consequently, accurate 3-dimensional mapping of the complete underground infrastructure of existing lines and new installations has become increasingly vital. During a recent HDD installation near Los Angeles, an HDD pipeline was incorrectly installed and so removed. When the contractor vertically drilled to pump grout into the void, an 18” diameter sewer main was mistakenly struck. It was quickly determined that the exiting as-built drawing and spatial information for the drilling location and the damaged pipeline was incorrect. In addition, heavy traffic and the unique location of the line mandated the line be mapped at night.

The Solution

Geospatial was called to map the existing sanitary pipeline utilizing their Smart Probe 3-D mapping tool to correct the as-built drawings and spatial information to prevent further damage. Due to the damage done to the pipeline and pending installation, it was essential that the line be mapped quickly and Geospatial mobilized within 3-days. Geospatial mapped a total of 2200’ of 18” and 2000’ of 12” (6 independent segments) or a total of 4200' in just 3 nights. 

Two days after completion of the fieldwork, accurate 3-D drawings and CAD files were produced via GeoUnderground and delivered to the client for use in their system. Construction and drilling was then able to restart with confidence in the accuracy of the spatial data for the existing pipeline.

The Benefits

-Reliable and accurate 3-D mapping with Geospatial Smart Probe Technologies.

-Acquiring accurate data of complete, existing underground infrastructures to enable confident horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

-Providing the data and findings, including an accurate 3-D map, via our GeoUnderground mobile application that integrated with additional systems.