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Smart Probe Mapping Chicago, Illinois

Inner-duct used to map existing clay conduit package. Read More

Case study- underwater recreational mapping

Geospatial Maps New Natural Gas Pipelines Beneath Multiple Waterways

Two new underwater pipelines were installed beneath multiple waterways in recreational areas, making the verification of their location more difficult than usual. Read More

Geospatial Underwater Mapping of Submerged Pipelines in Potable Water Reservoir

A submerged pipeline in a Northern California drinking water reservoir had inaccurate or unknown coordinates making underwater construction and maintenance of pipelines inefficient, costly and unsafe. Read More

Geospatial Underwater Mapping Keeps Lights on in D.C.

A submerged electrical transmission conduit of unknown depth and location spanned a river that needed dredging for increased shipping traffic. Geospatial was called to determine the precise 3-D coordinates including depth of the conduit to ensure safety and keep the electricity flowing. Read More

Geospatial Maps at Night to Solve Driller's HDD Problems

A sanitary main sewer line was struck and damaged during a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) project due to inaccurate and incomplete spatial data of existing underground infrastructure. Geospatial was called to correctly map the underground infrastructure due to their reputation for accuracy and their ability to map at night. Read More

Geospatial Keeps Construction Workers and Citizens Safe

A highway expansion project needed accurate 3-D coordinates of a natural gas pipeline to ensure safety to construction workers and local residents. Geospatial's Smart Probe technologies provided accurate 3-D location of pipeline exceeding 21' depths. Read More