Offering accurate, affordable, and scalable solutions which provide the technologies and infrastructure management systems for utilities, municipalities, engineers and pipeline owners and operators of any size and complexity.

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  • Press Release, Feb. 2, 2015: Geospatial Corporation Releases GeoUnderground Version 2.2
    Latest Release of Cloud-Based GIS Offered as Free 14-Day Trial; Includes Geo-Docs File Sharing Platform and Access to Updated Interactive Tutorial
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  • Press Release, Jan. 5, 2015: Geospatial Corporation Kicks Off Uber-Like Pipeline Mapping Model
    New Software Links Salesforce API and GeoUnderground -- Positioning Geospatial to Enlist a Vast Network of Data Acquisition Service Providers Across the US
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  • ​Blog, Jan. 2015: The Next Wave of Innovative Mapping Technology: GeoUnderground
    GeoUnderground is the premiere application for accurate infrastructure mapping , built on top of the Google Maps API and now integrated with Salesforce.
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Underground Infrastructure Mapping

At Geospatial, we provide technologies to map all infrastructure including oil and gas pipelines, water, sanitary, pressurized and non-pressurized, metallic, non-metallic, fiberglass, plastic, electrical, CATV, telephone, steel, ductile iron and much more. Our unique combination of technologies allows us to collect spatially accurate underground and underwater positional 3D data via gyroscopic techniques, electromagnetic sensors, radar, microwaves, infrared, acoustic detection and other proprietary technologies.

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Geospatial collects infrastructure data, processes the data and digitally stores and securely maintains this data for easy access by authorized users of our clients. Geospatial has developed the ultimate in infrastructure mapping software with its GeoUnderground application. Field data can be easily imported and exported to and from AutoCAD® DWG files and ESRI® shape files. GeoUnderground easily imports referenced video & photos, PDF docs and many other formats.

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Geospatial's proprietary, cloud-based, 3-D mobile GIS mapping platform enables users to securely view, edit and share accurate x,y&z coordinates of buried pipelines, geo-referenced photos and mapping applications and enables users to view x,y,z coordinates of buried pipelines, geo-referenced photos and videos from your laptop, phone or tablet. GeoUnderground is custom designed around the Google Maps API and Google Maps Engine providing unparalleled content, security and mobility.

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